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Design studio PUSH-K Solutions, as a part of advertising agency, specializes in corporate identity creation, design for advertising and marketing. Our philosophy in design is very simple: «Only the one whose portfolio already has dozens of complex design projects is able to prepare a minimalist style artwork». The portfolio of the agency consists of different style, complexity and type artworks, but in each case the basis of them is marketing analysis of the target audience to which the design is addressed.

Creative, efficiency, quality of design, stages of development and deadlines of order – the main basis of the advertising design studio PUSH-K Solutions services. The team of our studio includes skilled modern graphic designers, whose works inspire; project managers with many years of experience in advertising design; and multilingual copywriters, who can find the right words in the needable languages. Ukrainian and foreign companies for more than ten years have been using the services of the PUSH-K Solutions advertising design studio.

List of services of advertising design studio:

1. CORPORATE IDENTITY. Naming, the development of logo and corporate style for company, product or service. Very delicate kind of design services that only an experienced design studio can perform. To start development fill LOGO BRIEF please.

2. CREATING KEY VISUAL for advertising campaigns. Variants of artwork can be different: image drawing; purchase of image rights at photo banks; obtaining the desired visuals by photo shoot according our scenario. To start development fill KEY VISUAL BRIEF please.

3. LOCALIZATION OF ADVERTISING DESIGN. Localization of advertising design and texts for Ukraine, English-speaking countries, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. We also work with projects where the client can`t provide agency with source files of artwork.

4. DESIGN FOR PRINT. We specialize in creating designs and layouts for multi page items (catalogs, presentations) and technologically complex products with cutting, perforation, selective varnishing.

If you need support of a professional advertising design studio, we will be pleased to get order and start. Contact us via or +38 044 222 86 94

Below is selection from the portfolio of PUSH-K Solutions by Design category:



Ua localization and print

Premium promotional items

The board with prices

Wall shield

The bullet-time photo zone


Ideas&design Ad

Ideas&design for advertising campaign

Web development

Corporate website

Road construction company ROADS OF UKRAINE corporate website

Web development

Web development for Flash Market


Web development

Virtual Studio

Virtual TV studio with real scenery elements

Web development

Middle East style TV studio

Full support of the project. Decoration, light, technical equipment, props

TV studio Mafia

The immersion of the mafia headquarters atmosphere

Web development

Chromakey TV studio creation

From sketch to TV scenery

How we built Yacht for TV

TV Studio Vault

Ice arena TV Studio

Full support of the project: scenery, light, technical equipment

Promo-prank at one of Ukrainian malls

Unusual advertising

Web development

TV studio Football Stadium

Web development

Web development for DreamCar

International Conference

Web development

Web development for West Home

BTL-project for

Offline-promotion with hostess and moustache.

Football freestyle - promo at the event

Test drive event

Driving show SKODA in Kiev

Creating a photo zone

Promotional activities at major events

Promo at the Kozyrna party

Exclusive promotions

Summer party for employees in Kyiv

TAS Group. Summer party

Organizing a promotional tournament

Party-opening of KIAF

Mystery shopping program

Motivational program with the involvement of mystery shoppers

Season loyalty program

Corporate event

Anniversary of a cult product

Ambitious10-th anniversary of the company

10-th anniversary of the Insurance Group

Individual event concept

15th anniversary of the construction holding

Ceremony of rewarding

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